Friday, August 24, 2012


We've actually been running practice for preschool for the last 3 weeks.  Each week something has been going on that has made home-schooling nearly impossible.  Now that we have settled into our fall routine, we will be working each week from a set of lesson plans.  I will plan 2-4 lessons in each content area and pull from those each day.  Every week all lessons will be completed although we will not follow a set schedule.  This means some days more lessons may be completed and other days less.  Some days may be more math focused, others science or reading, or a balance.  Through our "practice" schooling weeks, I have learned quickly that it works best to plug in the lessons or content area when those teachable moments arrive each day instead of saying "9:00 is math time, 9:15 is reading time, etc."

We are not starting at the beginning, just picking up where skills are lacking or have yet to be taught.  Please feel free to use anything you like or to adapt any lesson plans and/or activities to meet the needs of your homeschooling/classroom journey!  Thanks for following along with us!  Details and pictures to follow!

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