Friday, August 31, 2012

Our week in pictures

Counting to 40

        We used counters to count to 40!  These are going to come in handy to use for pattern work.  The best part is that to him, they are just like playing with toys!

        We created a "hundred's" chart using numbers 1-40.  We mixed up the numbers so that he could go on a "number hunt" to find the right ones.

        After we completed our chart, we used it to point and count to 40 by ones and then count to 40 by tens.

Read and create "at" words

        We found some letter tiles while cleaning out the closet.  These worked perfectly for creating "at" words!

 Identify stages of life cycle of butterfly

        Squeezing paint out to create our butterfly!  He went a little squeeze-happy, but he had fun!

         Smashing it all together.  We had paint oozing out the sides by the time he finished!!

        Our beautiful butterfly!!

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